Best Altcoins to Invest in 2021


As we approached the end of 2020, bitcoin was on the rise. Since falling to a low of $ 4,106 in March, BTC has more than quadrupled. As history shows, the rise of bitcoin is good news for top altcoins: investors who have bought bitcoin tend to diversify their portfolios by buying less expensive coins.

Another good news for most altcoins in 2021 is the new crypto service PayPal, which will allow you to accept digital assets from buyers.

The selection of the most successful altcoins to invest in in 2021 is done not only by private investors but also by institutional ones. And this is one of the landmark events of 2020: we have witnessed an unprecedented interest in bitcoin by corporations. Given the success of companies such as Grayscale Investments and MicroStrategy, with their investments in BTC last year, attention may be paid to other leading altcoins.

Hashbon (HASH)

Set up in 2016, Hashbon expects to give installment administrations to organizations and people. One of the principal contrasts among Hashbon and other digital currency suppliers is that Hashbon charges a 0% expense for handling cryptographic forms of finances. Purchasers pay, and dealers get precisely as much online currency as they exchange with one another.


The stage upholds in excess of 30 internet forms of money, including industry pioneers like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Dash, and numerous others. Hashbon consistently extends the rundown of upheld crypto forms of funds, and the organization conforms to KYC's European approach.

Hashbon as of late delivered its utility token - HASH. The token is ordered as per ERC-20 and BEP-20 guidelines, which implies that HASH will be accessible in Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain organizations. The arrival of the utility marker is a fundamental achievement for the Hashbon people group, which developed to 10,000 individuals not long after its delivery.

The token furnishes HASH proprietors with uncommon highlights, for example, lower trade rates to change over from digital currency to fiat and the other way around. Altogether, one billion HASH tokens will be given, and 80% of the sum will be placed into an all-out course.

Tezos (XTZ)

Tezos is a virtual currency that is actively gaining popularity among digital money investors. At its core, XTZ is a decentralized blockchain that, with mathematical precision, proves the correctness of the code to regulate the transaction process.

XTZ consists of three main layers - network, transactional and consensus layer. Each element of the system is modular, this, to a large extent, facilitates their updating by means of a seamless change of modules. In the process of writing the system, the Ocaml programming language was used, which made it possible to update the protocol independently for each level.

XTZTezos, like most cryptocurrencies, has a high level of security, work inside the network is transparent, reliably protected from hacker attacks and other illegal intrusions into the system.

The stable cost of XTZ in the decentralized currency market, the positive dynamics of its rate, allow us to conclude that this online finance is a very profitable investment project with long-term profitability. Unlike Bitcoin, Tezos does not show instant rises in the price, but the risk of a cryptocurrency collapse is significantly lower.


  • high level of security
  • availability of automatic updates in a decentralized form
  • no hard forks
  • transparent work of the development team
  • the presence of a trust fund with significant financial resources to strengthen Tezos' position in the cryptocurrency market.


  • use of an uncommon programming language
  • lack of unity in the development team
  • low transaction throughput
  • no restrictions on the release of internet money during the ICO release
  • The main point that attracts investors is the use by developers of a unique technology that has not been used by any company before.


NEO cryptocurrency is rightfully considered one of the most stable and reliable in the electronic money market. The original cost of tokens did not exceed 50 cents. The growth of the tariff began to be observed from the first days of the system operation. A slight stagnation was observed during the asset freeze period after the completion of the first stage of exchange trading.

NEOAt the time of the general decline in the digital money charge in mid-2020, the NEO rate correction exceeded 40%, compared to the indicators at the beginning of the year. Within 60 days, the development team carried out serious work to stabilize the situation. Investments of several independent trust funds from China played an important role in this.

By the beginning of autumn last year, the fall in the cost was stopped, and there was a tendency for the NEO electronic coins to rise in price. By the beginning of 2021, the virtual currency rate exceeded its historical minimum. The current decentralized money rate at the beginning of spring was 35-38 US dollars.

In case of unforeseen situations in the digital assets market, NEO has a significant margin of safety, an important role in this is played by the presence of a reserve fund, the funds from which are inviolable. The creators of the project announced the conclusion of new, even more promising cooperation agreements, which led to a new surge in activity around the cryptocurrency and, as a result, an increase in its value. If the policy of the curators of the project is implemented according to the planned plan, this will allow NEO, in the future, to create serious competition for Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The use of NEO by Chinese companies to conduct their financial transactions allows us to talk about the global distribution of cryptocurrency not only in Asia but also in the world market

Tron (TRX)

The TRON cryptocurrency fare has repeatedly fluctuated significantly. At the initial stage of the system, the value of electronic finances did not exceed 1 cent. However, after 3 months there was a tendency to increase the rate. Thanks to a well-conducted PR company and the conclusion of high-profile cooperation agreements with large investment funds and financial institutions, the TRX exchange rate rose by more than 500% and amounted to a quarter of the US dollar.

TRXAt the beginning of 2019, the level of capitalization exceeded $ 2 billion, and the decentralized coin itself entered the TOP10 of the world's most promising online funds. The value of TRON increased daily, which caused excitement among investors.

In the middle of the first quarter, there was an unexpected collapse of the exchange cost. The value of the digital currency dropped to 4 cents per coin. This was due to the sale through the Binance exchange of a huge number of TRX tokens (more than 6 billion) in one day of trading. The cost of this operation is estimated at $ 300 million. Many experts agree that this collapse was provoked directly by the developers of the system. Investor confidence in TRON's work has fallen to critical levels.

The developer has done a tremendous job to restore its position in the market. Throughout 2020, which was a failure for many cryptocurrencies, TRX has shown significant success in its work. The cryptocurrency price remained stable even during the greatest panic in the financial market.

Some experts call TRON the "killer" of Ethereum

This article clearly displays the advantage of using various crypto assets, which allows a potential user to make a choice. Presented in comparisons, the Hashbon token has a number of functions that carry different uses. Please note that this article is not an investment recommendation and the final decision lies with the potential user.