Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2021


Since the beginning of the year, the world’s main cryptocurrency has changed its trend several times - from aggressive growth and a record in April, Bitcoin moved to a period of instability. Now the decentralized currency is growing and falling. Of course, this does not mean that the era of BTC has come to an end, but we can already talk about the onset of the altcoin season - when smaller cryptocurrencies show more promising results.

Pros of investing in digital assets:

  • Availability. You can use them at any time, no need, for example, to go to the bank and withdraw finances.
  • High profitability compared to other instruments. For example, bitcoin five years ago was worth $ 314, three years ago - under $ 19 thousand, and now - 13 thousand.
  • High volatility. At the same time, the influence of any particular political factor has been sufficiently reduced, and large amounts of capital are not required to make money on digital funds

Cons and risks:

  • Decentralized currency does not provide guaranteed sources of income. The main income on cryptocurrency is the exchange rate difference, and it depends only on the case.
  • Another disadvantage is hacker attacks. Even large exchanges often fall prey to hackers and lose clients' money.
  • There is also a lot of fraud in this market when currencies, tokens, or organizations that are engaged in investments are deliberately created for fraudulent purposes in order to withdraw funds from investors.


The Hashbon group needs to bring down the boundaries to passage for those looking to acknowledge digital money installments for labor and products. With local help for Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and a few dozen other decentralized forms of currency, the assistance allows traders to get installments in crypto or EUR. For traders hoping to take advantage of another market or increment their general client base, digital currency exchanges can have a major effect.


HASH, Hashbon's local token, was delivered as of late, with 1 billion resources entering the course. The token lives on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain and limit costs for those hoping to enter the Hashbon crypto installment biological system. Hashbon will be home to beneficial offers, which can all be gotten to by token holders. Besides, their wallet for singular clients works on a 0% commission structure.


As mentioned above, despite all the problems, BTC remains the main cryptocurrency in the world. That is why investments in it remain relevant for both beginners and experienced players in the digital currency market. Even taking into account fluctuations, the BTC rate remains somewhat stable.


In addition, several large companies have already demonstrated confidence in the first decentralized currency in 2021, which positively influenced the image of BTC. For example, at the end of March, the American automaker Tesla allowed US customers to buy cars with Bitcoin. At the same time, the company will keep the received decentralized finance in its accounts, without transferring it into traditional money. Also, one of the largest real estate agencies in the United States, Caruso, began to accept Bitcoin for payment. And the leading investment funds are gradually increasing the share of BTC in their portfolios.

15 February 2020 Price came to $ 10,000, it is assessed that $ 300 million was washed with Bitcoin right now


The second most popular cryptocurrency in the world and the main altcoin Ethereum in 2021 looks like one of the most attractive investments. Since January, the ether rate has been steadily growing - if on January 1 it was $ 740, then in May the cryptocurrency was trading at a price above $ 4,000.


In part, the rise in the cost of Ethereum is due to the imminent transition to a new version (Ethereum 2.0), so many minor updates were marked by an increase in price. When the network is finally updated to the second version, ETH can no longer be obtained through mining - the decentralized money will switch to the staking model. This means that Ethereum holders will be able to receive passive income by keeping coins in a wallet connected to the network.

From one viewpoint, specialists say, financial backers will repurchase a portion of the coins to keep them and get pay. Then again, they are probably going to begin making pools by hauling the coin out of the market space. The fewer coins there will be available, the less the rate will be dependent upon theory, specialists are certain. Furthermore, this will prompt an amicable development in interest in this digital currency.

Likewise, the worth of ETH can be decidedly impacted by the steady and predictable development of cryptographic forms of money, which additionally work on the Ethereum blockchain. Furthermore, the quickly acquiring notoriety of decentralized monetary applications (DeFi) depends on the innovations of the second computerized money.


Another promising altcoin is Bitcoin Cash. This decentralized asset has a great chance of reaching new heights. This is partly since PayPal and its Venmo payment service have added the ability to buy, sell, store and transfer this decentralized currency. Bitcoin Cash is believed to be more suitable for retail transactions because it uses larger blocks: 8 MB compared to 1 MB for BTC.

At the beginning of 2021, Bitcoin Cash was trading at $ 342, and in May its price reached $ 1,500.


Another candidate for the role of an effective and promising altcoin is Litecoin. LTC remains profitable for mining farms around the world and could gain new momentum for mining amid recent growth.

If at the beginning of 2021 Litecoin was trading for $ 127, then in May it broke the historical record of December 2017 and reached $ 392.
Several experts believe that Litecoin has a great future, especially since this crypto asset has also secured the support of PayPal.


Binance coin

Binance launched its digital currency in July 2017. Investors immediately bought back the entire quota of coins that hit the exchange during the placement. In total, during the initial offer (ICO), it was possible to raise over $ 15 million.

The cryptocurrency itself is issued on the Ethereum blockchain and developed on the universal ER20 protocol. In total, 200 million BNB tokens were issued during the ICO.

Half of this amount went to the market. Another 40% is reserved for the needs of the team, and the remaining 10% was received by the first investors. After being added to the listing, the digital money cost only $ 0.1, but the rate went up.

On January 1, 2021, the BNB price was $ 37.4. After a sharp increase, the coin exceeded that result by more than 18 times, its price in May reached $ 683.

March 13, 2020 "Friday the thirteenth" saw the greatest drop ($ 4600) in Bitcoin in the previous few years.


In this article, we analyzed various cryptocurrencies and you can see that Hashbon has a fairly confident number of advantages.

HASH is pragmatic and innovative in the way of interacting with their crypto funds, spiraling onto the haphazard practice and vicious loopholes in current financial systems. Kupuvati cryptocurrencies or to remove cryptocurrencies from clients and it was not simpler to start with a manual interface and the great capabilities of Hashbon.

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