Bitcoin price

The online service Hashbon offers a large number of convenient opportunities for storing cryptocurrency and its bargain, exchange. Already, you can find out the actual value of bitcoins on the current date in order to calculate your profit from the deals made using this payment instrument.

How to find out the current course

In your personal account, which you can create in just 2 minutes on Hashbon, you will always see all the necessary information for making successful transactions and conducting financial transactions. At the top of the screen you can see not only cost of bitcoin today, but also the rate of the following popular cryptocurrencies.

  1. LTC.
  2. DASH.
  3. ZEC.

All calculations are relative to the euro currency.

Hashbon personal account presents a lot of useful tools. The user can open a deposit, withdraw funds from can e-wallet to a bank card, and also make a profitable exchange.

At the same time, all your savings remain under reliable protection. We use three ways to confirm login:

  • SMS password;
  • PIN code;
  • password

You will always have access to your wallet from anywhere in the world and can find out in one touch the current cost of 1 bitcoin if you install the Hashbon mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.

Who can use course information?

Data on the current cost of Bitcoin, obtained using the online service Hashbon, will help to assess the profitability of the planned transactions in a timely manner, and not to miss the chance of a profitable exchange of this cryptocurrency for Altcoins or Euros. This option will be useful both to private clients who keep their savings on the electronic wallet Hashbon, and to commercial organizations that integrate on their website the possibility of paying for purchases with cryptoactive assets.