Accept cryptocurrency payments

Start accepting payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, Dash & 30+ of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Recieve payments in either crypto or EURO.

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Your benefits

New market

Your business will have access to over 150 million potential buyers around the world


We check the source and origin of cryptocurrencies, in order to prevent money laundering


Processing of payments in cryptocurrencies - 0,25%, exchange 1%

User-friendly interface and automatic identity verification within 5 minutes

Fast payments using lightning network technology - "Coming soon"

Online technical support via chat, average response time up to 5 minutes (during business hours)

Simple payment link for Email or WhatsApp, you can accept payments without a website

Full featured API and detailed developer documentation in Swagger

How it works

Step 1

Your customer decides to make a purchase and chooses a cryptocurrency payment option

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Step 2

Hashbon instantly converts funds to protect you and your customer from any risk of price changes. Your customer pays a flat rate invoice at the time of purchase

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Step 3

After confirming the transaction we receive client’s payment

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Step 4

Payment in EURO or cryptocurrency is instantly credited to your account. You can withdraw your funds to your bank using SEPA, VISA or Mastercard.

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Simple acceptance of crypto payments

Accept cryptocurrency without plugins or integrations. You can create a simple payment link and send it to your users via E-mail or messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.) in just 1 click.

Accept Bitcoin payments via API

The multifunctional API will allow you to accept Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Get new clients from all over the world. Hashbon makes it easy to accept crypto payments - from connecting to withdrawing funds, everything can be set up automatically.

Advantages over conventional payment methods:

More clients
Low comissions
Fast payments

Crypto payouts

Instant cross-border payments, including freelance payouts.

Pay your counterparties anywhere in the world using cryptocurrency.

Create auto payments and be sure that the payment will reach the counterparty.

Payment gateway for Bitcoin

Increase your income with cryptocurrencies. Connect to the cryptocurrency market. This market is estimated at $ 302 billion per year. Tens of millions of people around the world own cryptocurrency and would like to pay for it if possible.

  • There is no commission for connections and monthly maintenance

  • AML & KYC Compliance

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Hashbon provides cryptocurrency payment services for business and individuals. The company was founded in 2016, and is continually striving to be the best in the business. Our services: Complete payment solution for online business. We provide a secure, swift, reliable and easy-to-integrate system which helps businesses to operate worldwide, decrease costs and reach new markets using cryptocurrency processing methods. Business wallet allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency using your bank account and make auto payouts. At Hashbon we believe that we can make a fully-fledged crypto payment processing service with the highest tier security and convenience for the User. We are constantly improving the platform in order to realize our goal of operating the most modern and user-friendly crypto payment processing system. For technical support, bug reports, feature requests and other questions, please contact us by email at If you have any ideas for service improvement, want to invest in our project or be our partner, please include “for CEO” in the email subject.