We make sure that your money is always safe. Hashbon online wallet helps you make Bitcoin deposits, as well as buy, sell and exchange BTC without being worried about funds safety. We use three levels system of protection: SMS code, PIN code and regular password. We have also applied new generation security system that lowered risk of hacking.

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Hashbon.com is the partner of HASHBON Group, with headquarters in Vienna.

The ability to work with different crypto-currencies in one service.

Advantageous exchange rate, minimum commission for conducting operations.

  • Attentive technical support
  • Intuitive interface

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How does it work?

Choosing and creating cryptocurrency wallet with Hashbon

Hashbon is an expert service for working with cryptocurrencies. In addition to bitcoin here you can store, buy, sell and send alternative currencies such as Zcash, Litecoin and Dash. As of right now blockchain industry is only gaining ground all around the world and cryptocurrencies still have a long way to go before they become a common part of our daily lives. That said the majority still considers bitcoin to be the best example on the market and request for BTC online wallets is still the highest. That is why we review our services through the example of bitcoin, but everything mentioned below is equally relevant for all the other cryptocurrencies.

Only about a thousand people own 40% of the total number of bitcoins in circulation. At the same time, 90% of the bitcoins of addresses contain less than 0.1 BTC.

Before you create that long-awaited bitcoin wallet account let's try to figure out what is it exactly. The first thing you need to understand is that you can not save bitcoin itself. In fact, you have a unique key that opens a special bitcoin location and that's the thing that you need to keep secure inside the wallet. This is fairly logical and can be easily explained by the fact that bitcoin itself is not material and is actually an encrypted blockchain address.

Blockchain - is a sequenced chain of blocks that contains information, built according to certain rules. Most often, copies of chain blocks are stored independently on a variety of different computers.

The first question that probably comes to your mind is where to store bitcoins and satoshi after you get them. There are several options. Firstly, you can buy a special device, usually it resembles traditional flash drive, protected by a pin-code and another additional password. The loss or destruction of this device, unfortunately, is irretrievable so your cryptocurrency is going to be lost forever. Not to mention that this device, unlike bitcoin wallet option online, will not be provided to you for free. The second way is extremely inconvenient if you plan to actively use your funds: just print out bitcoin address making a sort of "paper wallet" and don’t forget where you put it. Another common option is to keep all bitcoin id data on your own computer. However, keep in mind that the loss of such wallet means irretrievable loss of bitcoins.

In 2013 James Howell lost 7,500 BTC by accidentally throwing out his hard drive that costed him approximately $ 80 million. But he does not give up and keeps searching for it.

And, finally, one more option is to open bitcoin wallet in the web. E-wallet is by far one of the most secure ways to store cryptocurrency. There are a lot of different platforms on the Internet, each has its pros and cons, but the main characteristics you have to consider while making a choice are convenience, privacy and reliability. Do not hope that someone will be able to advise undoubtedly best bitcoin wallet in the network, because this issue is very individual. We’ll tell you all about our benefits but the decision is yours.

After you receive bitcoin in your electronic wallet, it automatically places cryptocurrency in a randomly selected drawer in the block. The total number of such drawer significantly exceeds the number of seconds that equals our universe’s age.

Hashbon cryptocurrency wallet

Hashbon is a European company with many years of experience in the field of cryptocurrency.Due to the multi-level identification system and unique security development of our engineers we can confidently say that we are one of the most secure and reliable bitcoin wallets in Europe. Fast server operation makes it possible to withdraw funds and replenish account almost instantly. We have created a universal platform that allows our users buy and sell not only bitcoin, but also other popular cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Zcash and Dash, and we are constantly working on expanding this list.

Free Bitcoin wallet.

Perhaps the most popular cryptocurrency today and does not require a special presentation. On our website you can open a secure bitcoin wallet, as well as buy, sell and even send BTC to other users within the platform. Among other things, you can send cryptocurrency to a user who is not a Hashbon customer, in this case he will receive a message with a link to create his own account.

Free Litecoin wallet.

Litecoin was created in order to take the place of "silver" under the primacy of "gold" bitcoin and very quickly found serious support in the blockchain industry. Among the main differences: more coins (4 times more than BTC) and faster transactions. And although bitcoin is still a confident leader, litecoin is known for the ease of obtaining and conducting transactions.

Free Zcash wallet.

Another answer to bitcoin with the focus on confidentiality. Zcash uses transparent processing method, which allows to display information about user transactions selectively. By using a special cryptographic protection tool users who make transactions with Zcash do not need to disclose their addresses. The combination of privacy and all the advantages of blockchain technology makes Zcash an attractive option for business and large organizations.

Free Dash wallet.

Dash is the fork of bitcoin that also aims to provide users with a faster and more confidential service. Confirmation of transactions takes a few seconds which eliminates the risk of double spending. In April 2017, Dash took the 5th place in the ranking of the most popular cryptocurrency.

Registering an account on Hashbon - is very simple procedure and does not take much time either: you just have to go through a few simple steps, and of course we will guide you all the way.

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Hashbon.com is the partner of HASHBON Group, with headquarters in Vienna (HASHBON GmbH, Rosenbursenstraße 2/21, 1010 Vienna, Austria, registred under FN 467569 b).