Eco-system of relationship between investors and public companies

HASHBON helps to create a reliable Investor-Management Relationship ecosystem, bringing more transparency for public companies.

HASHBON helps to create a reliable Investor-Management Relationship ecosystem, bringing more transparency for public companies.
The solution that Hashbon offers is based on the collection of all company indicators (financial, economic, logistical and other) from ERP systems and the formation of various reports required by investors or auditors. Investors and auditors can be assured of the reliability of the data, since nobody can edit this data, and adjust the report to their own needs. And for each operation, you can get detailed information, whether you need financial, economic, logistical or other indicators.
Using the HashBon Blockchain Framework increase capitalization and value of the business by making it more transparent and less risky for public investors.

Advantages of using Blockchain
Shareholder Relationship management

Great opportunities for
communication of shareholders
among themselves
Each shareholder, depending on the number of shares, can participate in the life of the company: vote, put forward ideas and demands, request financial reporting documents, meeting minutes, appoint shareholders meeting and other. All this is done in a few clicks.
High data
Access to data can be controlled on a separate account, as well as automate the granting of certain rights depending on the number of shares owned by the user.
Data can be generated for any period of time, even for the previous day, without waiting for quarterly reports. Reports can not be changed retroactively.
Transparency of the data
source in reports
The data received by our platform, stores inside the ultimate amount of detailed information on a source. Data can be assigned to a separate accounting operation with a unique number.
Formation of financial
statements for any
period of time
The expenses that the company spends on organizing the general meeting of shareholders, reach quite large sums. A single platform of relationships between shareholders will reduce these costs.
Solving problems
that arise between shareholders
and company management
It will allow the company to learn immediately how their decisions are evaluated by the shareholders, until it is too late, before the complaint of the shareholders.
More profitable
relations with shareholders
Interaction with shareholders can help companies gather information about investors' problems and make informed decisions that meet the company's interests with respect to these problems.
Reliability systems
The cloud part of the system and the distributed database provide the work of the platform without a single point of failure.

Additional advantages for public companies

Typical questions

"Who are my best shareholders?", "What kind of shareholders are they: mutually beneficial partners or potential customers?", "How valuable are they?", "Where can we save costs and increase the efficiency of our relationships with these people?", "Can they help us with anything?", "How can we get a big profit from the shareholder base?"

Hashbon solution

Simplified identification of the shareh older and his rights
Increasing the transparency of the company and its attractiveness for investors
Expansion of the range of investors due to simplification of the acquisition of tokinized shares
Great possibility of tokinization and issuance of shares
Investor Relationship Management 2.0 provides
more profitable type of relationships with shareholders


Many experienced specialists from different fields of activity work on the project.
Yuliya Bibayeva
One of the leading experts in the world of currency. Founder and director of one of Russia's largest exchanger Matbea (matbea.com). Holds a law degree. Careerist, loves hard work and tasks with tough deadlines.

Grigory Bibaev
Founder and head of services in currency related projects: e-wallets, exchangers, explorer, mobile application and other.