Cryptocurrency Processing - Questions (FAQ)

Considered popular questions on the integration of our processing service for accepting cryptocurrencies on sites, information on the legal features of the relationship, and other issues

  • How much does it cost?

    There are no monthly fees. We work with cryptocurrecny exchange rate for processing. We are among the first ones on the market who offers cryptocurrency settlements for the clients. Later you have to decide for yourself if you want to hold or sell your crypto or send it to another wallet. It’s totally up to you. We charge 0 commission fee per transaction.

  • How fast can we integrate with our website?

    For integration we have API that your IT team can work with. We will send you simple set-up instructions.
    We devote maximum attention to every client to make sure the integration process goes as smooth and as fast as possible.

  • What cryptocurrencies do you accept?

    Full list of supported currencies is available here

  • In what currency can I get paid?

    You can see the full list of supported currencies here

  • Do you follow AML and KYC policies?

    We follow standard European AML policy. Also we cooperate with Sumsub and that track crypto to make sure the ones we deal with are totally legitimate. All our clients must pass the automatic KYC procedure.

  • Do you provide invoices?

    Yes, we can provide electronic invoices.

  • Do we need a contract?

    You can check the agreement conditions on our website and if you're satisfied with them we can start working together without any paper signment. In case this agreement changes we will notify the client via email and he will have 30 days period when he can choose to cancel our cooperation.

  • What are the limits for operations with currencies?

    Account deposit via SEPA - from 10 to 5000 EUR at a time.
    Withdrawal via SEPA - from 10 to 10,000 EUR at a time.
    Cryptocurrencies deposit - minimum 1 USD
    Cryptocurrencies withdrawal - minimum 1 USD

  • How fast requests are processed?

    For exchange operations - immediately.
    Deposit of an account via SEPA - immediately once the money will be in our bank. If you are going to send a priority payment via SEPA, your account can be funded on the same business day.
    Withdrawals via SEPA - We process the same business day.
    Cryptocurrency deposit - 2 confirmations (on average 20 minutes). Cryptocurrency withdrawal - from 1 minute to 12 hours depending on the withdrawal amount and the balance of our hot wallet.