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Our idea – is to create a new type of blockchain framework, that will work simultaneously on top of existing blockchains.

It will also use different node APIs (,, and etc) at the same time to avoid any kind of centralization and risk of malfunction of single node API service.

Using this framework we plan to create blockchain apps, one example is to create Investor-Management relationship ecosystem, bringing more transparency for public companies.

Trust us

HashBon allow to store information on several blockchains simultaneously for better
reliability in automatic and intellectual way, including the choice of blockchain that
currently offers better fee for storing KB of data.
Reliability and fault-tolerance

Reliability and fault-tolerance

Using several different blockchains at the same time to save smart contracts gives higher reliability in comparison with using only one blockchain. In addition, the framework will be a unified language (wrapper) for simultaneous work with several APIs such as
blockcypher, blocktrail,, etc.
Bitcoin, Litecoin,
Dash blockchains
Smart contract
High level protection
against the "51% attack"
Reliability and fault-tolerance


Convenience Framework is the interface between blockchain applications and
blockchains. Developers will receive
a universal language for programming different blockchains.
Different programming
languages: PHP,
Java and more


In some periods of time commissions in one particular blockchain can be very high. Our framework can intelligently choose those blockchains where it is cheaper to record information at the moment.
Reliability, convenience,
Low commission
Blockcypher, Blocktrail, APIs
Intellectual choice



HashBon blockchain framework MVP version

Difference from the already existing blockchain frameworks

Works on TOP of Bitcoin, Litcoin, Dash, Zcash, Monero live chains Simultaneous recording of information in several blockchains for increased reliability Centralization or Vulnerable to 51% attack Automatic selection of the blockchain with the minimum commission at the moment Using different APIs (Blockcypher, Blocktrail, for better decentralization
Hashbon Framework Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Hyperledger, R3, multichain, openchain, etc No No Yes No No
Ethereum No No No No No
Hashbon Framework Hyperledger, R3, multichain, openchain, etc Ethereum
Works on TOP of Bitcoin, Litcoin, Dash, Zcash, Monero live chains
Yes No No
Simultaneous recording of information in several blockchains for increased reliability
Yes No No
Centralization or Vulnerable to 51% attack
No Yes No
Automatic selection of the blockchain with the minimum commission at the moment
Yes No No
Using different APIs (Blockcypher, Blocktrail, for better decentralization
Yes No No
Products like Hyperledger, Multichain, Openchain are suitable in case you want to create your own blockchain. But such blockchain will be either subjected to centralization (working on trusted nodes) or will be vulnerable to attack 51%. It won’t be able to compete with public blockchains like Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. Unlike them Hashbon does not create new blockchain but works as a universal platform on top of popular blockchains that already exist.

System of financial reporting for public companies that uses blockchain

After development of framework, we want to use it to create business applications. One example of such applications is automatic preparation of financial statements along with hashing them in blockchain.

The implementation of blockchain financial reports system increases capitalization and value of the business by making it more transparent and less risky for public investors.

This creates incentives for shareholders and management to implement this application. If public company costs 1 billion euros, and its value grows by 3% (realistic estimate), the effect of the implementation will be 30 million euros. And if it costs 30 bln euros - benefits of implementation will be 1 bln euro. Naturally, public companies that are already including in their budgets the costs of improving the relationship with investors will go for the implementation of the blockchain in the reporting system.

Why do you need blockchain to solve this problem?

Public blockchain gives a 100% level of transparency and is also protected from changes. The use of this technology will significantly complicate the possibilities to manipulate financial reporting.


Arturas Svirskis
ICO Advisor | Helping Fintech companies with marketing and business development
Rated on Aug 8, 2018

Team: Team is very strong with the proven track record of successful projects like Matbea, Bitmap and Gefarapay.
Also, I had a privilege to talk closer to few guys from a team, and they are really empathetic and helpful people.

Vision: Vision is really great which is to allow to store information on several blockchains simultaneously for better reliability in automatic and intellectual way. It will help for future projects and businesses a lot.

Product: It is still under development, but I am more than sure that it will be well working.

Tobias Schulz
Investment Manager, Pre-ICO Venture Capital Investor, ICO Advisor
Rated on Jul 18, 2018

Finally a project from real Blockchain Entrepreneurs. The Team showed their reliability by completing Matbea, Bitmap and Gefarapay.

For such a large team they could retain more tokens for the team to attract and keep talend in the company for the long run.

Since Coinbase seems to be able to trade security tokens in the near future, Hashbon has the chance to be one of the first movers in that space. Asset Backed + Dividends is what the future of ICOs is about.

Giacomo Arcaro
N.1 European ICO Growth Hacker | ICO Advisor | Co-Founder ICOBooster | Co-Founder Fintech.Review | 2.7 Million Crypto-Enthusiast Database | University
Rated on Aug 1, 2018

If you are a blockchain enthusiast you cannot love this project that will allow to store information on several blockchains simultaneously for better reliability in automatic and intellectual way, including the choice of blockchain that currently offers better fee for storing KB of data.

Joseba Sainz de Baranda
ICO Investor and Advisor | SMOTION Founder| MDes Industrial Product Design | Industrial Engineering Degree
Rated on Jul 25, 2018

I like the idea of a business application based on blockchain capable to set up an information system compatible with the Resource Planning of the companies. It sounds really useful and near to the market needs. An open company is as well a really nice vision, and in theory affordable for blockchain capabilities. Looking forward to see the real product. Competent, experimented and reliable team. KYC passed.

Cristina Dolan
Co-Founder & COO iXledger | Blockchain | MIT Media Lab
Rated on Jul 22, 2018

Great team with the several developed blockchain products (crypto-exchange and wallets), i think that they are definitely for a new project. Hashbon is an infrastructure product solving Ethereum and Hyperledger/R3 consorcium products problems, looking forward to see it's impact on the blockchain development landscape. The best of luck!

Giovanni Casagrande
ICO Advisor, Cryptocurrency Investor & Growth Hacker
Rated on Jul 21, 2018

The idea of creating bitcoin/litecoin blockchain framework is really great.

Unlike 90% other ICOs, Hashbon team has real working bitcoin/blockchain projects in their portfolio, as well as repution in cryptoworld from 2014.

I like this project and team.

Yao Min Ng, CBP
Former Fintech developer, currently working at Xtheta Inc. Singapore, a cryptocurrency exchange.
Rated on Aug 8, 2018

i would say with so many copy cat ideas that flooded the ico world, Hashbon idea is nothing less than great. They have a solid team, great idea.

It would be better if they can provide video demo of their product

Blockchain API with unique features: You can view relation between bitcoin exchange and bitcoin address free of charge.
BitMap app
iOS and Android app to locate bitcoin ATMs 10 000+ installs
Popular cryptocurrency wallet in Russia, launched in 2014. 93 000+ customers.
European cryptocurrency wallet available in web, ios and Android versions. Launched in 2016


Many experienced specialists from different fields of activity work on the project. We work with the crypto currency since 2013.
Yuliya Bibayeva
One of the leading experts in the world of cryptocurrency. Founder and director of one of Russia's largest Bitcoin-exchanger Matbea ( Holds a law degree. Careerist, loves hard work and tasks with tough deadlines.
Works with cryptocurrency since 2013.

Grigory Bibaev
Founder and head of services in cryptocurrency related projects: e-wallets, exchangers, explorer, mobile application and other.
Works with cryptocurrency since 2013.

Artur Kiniabaev
5 years of experience with various IT projects: design, development, promotion, marketing, optimization of business processes. Experience in IT startup.
Works with cryptocurrency since 2016.

Yeskendir Imanshartov
Chief Marketing Officer
Specific experience in the field of IT and development projects in various fields, as well as sectors that include public and private projects. Experience in managing large projects in the field of postal services in Kazakhstan, fintech, CRM for the sport industry and media sphere. Implementation of various IT projects for the Southeast Asian market, international education, startups in transport and logistics. At the moment, involved in cryptocurrency development.

Daniil Kamenskiy
System architect
Specialist with many years of experience database design / optimization. Administrator of one of the best resources in Russia on mysql.

Implemented a convenient and reliable API to work with bitcoin blockchain.
Works with cryptocurrency since 2015.

Pavel Shcherbakov
Senior fullstack software engineer
Effective full stack developer. Leads several large commercial projects in Russia. Has been engaged in architecture and project implementation since 2008. Highload since 2012. Behind him, among other things, the implementation of a major bill project and a large crypto
Works with cryptocurrency since 2014.

Nikolay Chervyakov
Senior software engineer
Machine Learning and AI engineer. The main focus of work is Natural Language Processing.
Works with cryptocurrency since 2016.

Igor Brazhnikov
PR manager
Specialist in marketing and PR with many years of experience in the field of cryptocurrency. Chief Editor of the popular online edition of cryptocurrency "Pro Bitcoin". Author and inspirer of the project Podcast "Pro Bitcoin".
Has been working with the cryptocurrency since January 2016.

Oleg Golinets
Market Research Specialist
The analysis of the cryptocurrency market, an estimation of an audience, capacity and tendencies of the market. Research of demand. Promotion of the provided services. Activity forecast. PhD
Works with cryptocurrency since 2015.

Alisa Tkach
PR specialist
Highly motivated PR specialist, experienced in managing international projects in Europe and Asia. Professional in copywriting, speaks Russian, English and Chinese.
Works with cryptocurrency since 2017.

Ekaterina Kotova
PR specialist
Specialist in PR, copywriting and marketing. Great experience in working with contributors, bloggers and media personalities. Works with cryptocurrencies and blockсhain since 2017.

Maxim Salkov
Community manager
Specialist in marketing and sales.
Works with cryptocurrency since 2018.

Vyacheslav Levashkin
SMM manager
Specialist in social networking and media development. Led projects from scratch to the result.
Works with cryptocurrency since 2017.

Evgeny Vinogradov
Internet marketing, SEO
Specialist in internet marketing, many years of experience working with IT projects. Participated in the development of several large Russian and European cryptocurrency projects.
Works with cryptocurrency since 2017.

Karel Kovarik
Lawyer in international law
Dedicated and enthusiastic attorney with 20+ years experience and economical background. Specialized in financial and capital markets supervision, fair competition, recovery institutions as well as regulation and analysis and the legal agenda related to the above. Holds European and US degrees. Successfully delivered variety of international projects.

Monika Rihova
Business administrator
Highly motivated, teachable and open-minded customer care specialist experienced in communication, translation, administration and office management. Likes new challenges. Speaks English, German, Czech, Serbian and Latvian, understands Slovak, Croatian and a little Russian. With cryptocurrency since 2017.



Giovanni Casagrande
ICO Advisor, Cryptocurrency Investor & Growth Hacker
Blockchain and ICO Maestro

I’m a believer in the power of decentralization and the remarkable impact it can have on our lives. I’m a writer, public speaker, investor, advisor and connector in the space. Fortuned enough to lived in the transition, I bring two decades of traditional business experience coupled with the new decentralized frontier.

Advise on:

✔️Online Marketing & Growth Hacking
✔️Blockchain tech
✔️Initial Coin Offerings (i.e. ICO) from star to finish
✔️ICO regulation and compliance
✔️Cryptocurrency investments
✔️Start-up strategy / operations / go-to-market

Giacomo Arcaro
ICO Advisor | Co-Founder ICOBooster | Co-Founder Fintech.Review
Giacomo is one of the most important European Growth Hackers featured on the Financial Times, IlSole24Ore and Los Angeles Times. Two Million+ exits with the startup and 2,000 satisfied customers, founder of Black Marketing Guru and Co-Founder of the biggest ICO marketing company with over 2.2M users

Giacomo has now been involved in the world of cryptocurrencies and ICOs for quite some time, establishing himself as a veteran of the industry and a pioneer of its processes. Currently also working as an advisor for ICO Vision and LCCX as well as a Black Marketing Guru, Giacomo has extensive experience in understanding the specific requirements of a business regarding the models through which it can generate capital that allows it to thrive in competitive environments.

Token «HASH»
100 HASH
Not limited
Minimal transaction
Maximum transaction
General description
Utility token
HASH tokens are utility tokens, that can be used to pay for building up business applications.

The HASH token conforms to the ERC20 standard - the support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services, and also ensures the ease of integration.
75% investors
9% project team
8% loyalty program in the early stages
4% bounty
4% advisors

Distribution of tokens
Main offers of tokens
1 000 000 €
2 000 000 €
3 000 000 €
4 000 000 €
PRE Sale
40% bonus
1st stage
30% bonus
2nd stage
20% bonus
3rd stage
10% bonus
1 HASH = 0.10 €
Exchange rate of tokens
200 000 000 HASH


* Stages 2, 3, 4 and 5 can be changed partially or completely due to a change in the market's conjuncture
  • 1
    Stage 1
    The first stage includes:
    - Creating a blockchain framework;
    - Integration with open blockchains - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and others;
    - Integration with services like Blockcypher, Blocktrail, and others;
    - MVP release.
  • 2
    Stage 2*
    The second stage includes:
    - Development of business applications based on the blockchain framework
    - Creating a platform interface;
    - Setting up a system for exchanging data with ERP systems and integration with the blockchain;
    - Creation of financial, economic and logistic reports. - Implementation and launch of the platform for an open company to collect real data;
  • 3
    Stage 3*
    The third stage includes expansion of the platform's functionality:
    - Implementation of voting and consultation system;
    - Organization of shareholder's general meeting;
    - Formalizing formal requests to the top management of the company.
  • 4
    Stage 4*
    The fourth stage includes:
    - Use of blockchain to provide depository accounting of various types of financial instruments, including bonds, shares;
    - Record of the transfer of rights to them when making deals.

  • 5
    Stage 5*
    The fifth stage includes: obtaining the necessary licenses and certificates of conformity
  • 6
    Stage 6
    At the sixth stage: further development of the platform and creation of new business applications.
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