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Meet our team

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do you best work.

photo Grigory B.

Grigory B.

Founder & CEO

photo Iuliia B.

Iuliia B.

Founder & GR manager

photo Sam S.

Sam S.


photo Andrew S.

Andrew S.

Head of Business Development

photo Oxy S.

Oxy S.


photo Fadi A.

Fadi A.

PR Manager

photo Daniil I.

Daniil I.

Business Development Facilitator

photo Eduard T.

Eduard T.

Product Designer

photo Yeskendir I.

Yeskendir I.

IT Project Manager

photo Sergey L.

Sergey L.

Web & Blockchain Developer

photo Maxim N.

Maxim N.

Backend Developer

photo Grigory B.

Grigory B.

Software Developer

photo Alexander G.

Alexander G.


photo Yevgeniy Sh.

Yevgeniy Sh.

Frontend Lead Developer

photo Yegor M.

Yegor M.

Frontend Developer

photo Vyacheslav V.

Vyacheslav V.

Frontend Developer

photo Andrey P.

Andrey P.

Layout Designer

photo Vyacheslav L.

Vyacheslav L.

Support Engineer, web and software tester